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PPEC Consulting

for new and existing PPEC centers

Child on Wheelchair

Are you looking to launch or develop a PPEC center to provide care for medically fragile children? Contact to learn about our PPEC consulting services to make your PPEC the best it can be.

Our Consulting Services:

  • Legal Documents

    • Drafting and reviewing policies and procedures

    • Developing patient consent forms

    • Contract negotiations and management

  • Lease Signing

    • Site selection and feasibility

    • Lease agreement reviews

    • Negotiating lease terms

  • Compliance

    • Ensuring state and federal compliance

    • Auditing current practices

    • Risk management and mitigation

  • Hiring/Recruiting

    • Developing job descriptions and specifications

    • Streamlining the recruitment process

    • Training and onboarding best practices

  • Accreditation Preparation

    • Navigating accreditation processes

    • Documentation and evidence collation

    • Mock surveys and evaluations

  • Financial Management

    • Budgeting and forecasting

    • Revenue cycle management

    • Grant and funding application assistance

  • Operational Efficiency

    • Workflow and process optimization

    • Implementing electronic health records (EHR) systems

    • Supply chain and vendor management

  • Marketing and Outreach

    • Branding and positioning in the market

    • Digital marketing strategies

    • Community outreach and engagement plans

  • Staff Training and Development

    • Continuing education programs

    • Staff retention strategies

    • Leadership training

  • Quality Assurance

    • Patient care quality monitoring

    • Implementing patient feedback systems

    • Continuous improvement strategies

  • Facility Management

    • Design and layout optimization for patient care

    • Safety protocols and drills

    • Maintenance schedules and checks

  • Patient Engagement and Retention

    • Implementing family-centered care approaches

    • Patient and family education programs

    • Community building initiatives

  • Regulatory Updates

    • Keeping abreast with changing regulations

    • Advocacy for PPEC rights and interests

    • Legislative tracking

  • Crisis Management and Communication

    • Development of crisis response plans

    • Communication strategies for different stakeholders

    • Media handling and public relations

  • Growth and Expansion

    • Business strategy for scaling up

    • Market research for potential new locations

    • Mergers and acquisitions advisement

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