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Our Services

Skilled Nursing Care & Clinical Supervision

Our licensed health professionals, including a Medical Director, Director of Nursing,  Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and PPEC Assistants provide high-quality medical care and attentive monitoring for your child.


If eligible, PPEC of Palm Beach will arrange for buses to be dispatched for convenient round-trip transportation with the comfort and assurance of a nursing assistant on board at all times.

Creative Play and Expressive Activities

Art, Music, Dance, and Theatre are all genres that are incorporated in our playful space.

Medication Administration

Our skilled nurses follow doctors’ orders which may include but are not limited to the administration of prescribed medication, tube feeding, suctioning, dress changing, and breathing treatments.

Indoor Play Area

Kids should be able to be kids. Our custom-built play area and educational games ensure effective stimulation to promote development and growth.

Durable Medical Equipment, Orthotics, & AAC Evaluations

When needed, we believe high-quality care and measurable outcomes are difficult to achieve without the proper medical equipment, and/or specialty devices. In addition to on-site equipment, our Therapy and Resource team will help guide you through the evaluation and approval process for any Durable Medical Equipment which your child needs to thrive.

Therapy Services

PPEC of Palm Beach's 327 sq ft therapy room includes therapeutic equipment, sensory engagement, and imaginative play. Our holistic therapy services span across three disciplines, performed by licensed professionals: occupational, physical, and speech therapies that work to evaluate and improve your child's capabilities. 

Family Resource Specialist

Our Family Resource Specialist, also a parent of a special needs child, connects families with resources in the special needs community to assist them in navigating support services, including non-profit organizations.

Hospital Homebound Services

Our facilities and medical care teams are prepared to partner with hospital homebound services for those patients that qualify.

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