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Therapy at PPEC of Palm Beach

PPEC of Palm Beach's 327 sq ft therapy room includes therapeutic equipment, sensory engagement, and imaginative play. Our holistic therapy services span across three disciplines, performed by licensed professionals: occupational, physical, and speech therapies that work to evaluate and improve your child's capabilities. 

Our Partner

Peach Pit Therapist Logo[18008].png

The Peach Pit Therapy was founded by Allison Forrester, Speech Language Pathologist and Justine Fradillada, Physical Therapist. The Peach Pit Therapy was founded to provide individualized, innovative, compassionate, and evidence-based therapies to the South Florida community from birth to 21 years of age.  


The Peach Pit's vision is to improve overall quality of life for each child and their family by providing the best collaborative therapy with each child’s individualized skill set in mind. They provide parental and caregiver education to provide comprehensive therapies.  They work closely with nursing staff to educate and collaborate with each other, so that they truly offer the best therapy possible.  Their therapy staff consists of speech, feeding, occupational, and physical therapists who are experts in their respective fields and all share a common compassion and love for children.  

Therapy Team


Traci Bartick


Dra. Kisha Marzouca


LaRet Harvey


Jen Gottlieb


Traci Bartick

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